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Two buttons are provided on each worksheet to sort the bill information. You can sort the bill information either by the date that it is scheduled to Arrive or by the Due day. This helps you easily see what bills are coming up and what bills need to be paid. This bill reminder calendar is adjustable to how you would like to view your bills.

Next Month
A button is provided to create the next month to use in BILL ORGANIZER. Selecting this button will create a new worksheet for the next month containing all of the Description, Typical, Arrive, and Due information in your current month. You should only select this button once and only for the month currently in use.

Below the summary information of each worksheet is an area for you to enter notes about the current month bills and payment details. This allows you to have information about your bills on the same place as the processing record.

BILL ORGANIZER provides a printable monthly bills form by having each month on a separate worksheet. When you print a month it gives you a landscape copy of the months bills and any notes you have entered. This provides you with a hard copy summary of your bill transactions for the month and is a great reference to use as a monthly bill log. At the end of a year you have a set of free bill payment worksheets that summarize by month where your money has gone.

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