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Bill Organizer separates information, in a salary and bill calculator style, for each month on a separate worksheet. You can easily tell where you are either by the Month/Year at the very top of the worksheet or the highlighted tab at the bottom of the screen. Each month has a Details area on the left side where you enter the Description, Typical, Arrive, Due, Arr., Actual, and Paid. By inputting information in each column you can see how to record monthly bills. This salary and bill calculator helps you make informed decisions about your spending.

Details Histograms Summary Sorting, Printing, etc...
Details Histogram Summary Sorting, printing, notes, and new page assets Sorting, Printing, etc...


You can fill in the description of the bill that needs to be paid. Your best guess of the amount of the bill that you will receive. When you expect to receive the bill and the day when the payment must reach the company. The actual amount due on the bill and the day when you actually pay the bill.


For each bill there is line graph to the right that shades the area from the Arrive day to the Due day. This bill reminder calendar shows you visually the time that you have to process a particular bill. On the Monthly Income line you can indicate pay periods or when you may receive income.


At the bottom of each monthly worksheet is a summary of activity that displays the Monthly Expenses, Monthly Surplus, Actual Expenses, and Actual Surplus.

Sorting, printing, etc...

You can sort the bill information either by the date that it is scheduled to Arrive or by the Due day and print a hard copy summary of your bill transactions. Simply push a button to create the next month to use in BILL ORGANIZER, and add any notes about the current month bills and payment details.

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