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Having Trouble?
Trouble with Bill Organizer
Macros Disabled, Security Level to High
Are you seeing an error message like the following?

This is caused by your Macro Security Levels being so high that Bill Organizer cannot operate. Follow these steps to correct this.
  1. Click OK to close the Error Message
  2. In Excel, go to the the following Menus - Tools -> Macro -> Security...
  3. You should now see a dialog box like this...

  4. Click the Radio Button labeled Medium
  5. Then click the OK button to close the dialog box
  6. Exit Excel
  7. If you get the below message...Click the No button

  8. Re-launch Excel
  9. Open Bill Organizer
  10. You should now see this message...(this is normal)

  11. Click Enable Macros
  12. You should now be able to use Bill Organizer

  13. Note: Each time you launch Bill Organizer you will now see this dialog box and you should click Enable Macros. This provides protection for your computer by requiring you to acknowledge that you want to enable macros.

    So what are Macros, you might be asking?
    Macros are basically simple software programs that programs such as Excel and Word can utilize to provide additional capabilities. Bill Organizer utilizes macros to create new months and also for the Insights feature.